Just like there are different kinds of gasoline, engines, and cars, there are different kinds of motor oil that work best for different situations. If you’re unsure of what kind of motor oil you should put in your car, don’t worry: the auto technicians at our Acura service center are here to help.

Many of our customers already know that motor oil is essential to your engine, however, it’s not always clear which kind of motor oil is best. Drivers should pay clear attention to the viscosity levels of the kind of motor oil they put in their engine. Our part of Pennsylvania can get pretty cold, particularly during the winter months, which makes having motor oil that is resistant to cold incredibly important.

That said, many motor oil products fall into one of four categories: full synthetic, synthetic blend, standard, and high mileage. As you can expect, full synthetic and synthetic blend motor oils are the most expensive, and but each type does incredible things for engine performance. While synthetic blend is less efficient than its fully-synthetic counterpart, both motor oil types have improved lubrication, better performance at lower temperatures, and include resistance to both sludge and oxidation. Standard motor oil, on the other hand, is cheaper but will do in a pinch. However, standard motor oil cannot be used forever, and eventually, grime build-up and an aging engine will require you to switch over to high-mileage motor oil. High mileage motor oil isn’t just great at clearing out sludge, but it can combat against leaks and smog emissions

No matter what kind of luxury car you drive, motor oil is crucial for the performance of your engine. When you visit our Acura car dealership, you’ll find auto experts who can help you figure out what kind of motor oil your engine needs. At Acura of Limerick, customer service and satisfaction is our number one goal.