While the motor, transmission, and wheels all play a part in your driving experience, your drivetrain is the other missing part of the puzzle. When you visit Acura of Limerick you’ll find an Acura parts department that is well-versed in the subject of drivetrains and can help you find which type works best for you.

What is the purpose of the drivetrain? Well, your drivetrain is the system of parts and components that delivers power to your wheels. There are many different drivetrain types out there, and they excel at different types of driving.

When you visit our Acura showroom chances are you’ll find Acura brand vehicles with either a front-wheel, rear-wheel, or all-wheel drivetrain. As you can expect, in a front-wheel and rear-wheel drivetrain vehicle is supplied to the front wheels or the rear wheels respectively. This drivetrain is standard and is better at conserving fuel than their all-wheel-drive counterparts. That said, all-wheel drivetrains have a competitive edge against their two-wheel-drive cousins. While most all-wheel drivetrain systems are incredibly different from one another, they usually operate by providing power to all wheels at once automatically. With an all-wheel drivetrain, you’ll get better traction and control, as each wheel is powered independently. In most cases, vehicles with all-wheel drivetrains do an excellent job of taking on rough road conditions and the occasional dirt or gravel path.

Regardless of which drivetrain option you decide to go for, if you purchase an Acura, you’re in for a thrilling ride. At Acura of Limerick, we’re known throughout the Philadelphia area for providing stellar service to our customers and helping them find the luxury sedan, SUV, or coupe of their dreams. No matter if you’re looking for AWD or RWD, we’ve got all of your automotive needs covered in full.