Here at Acura of Limerick, we understand that your tires play a huge role in the performance of your vehicle and will help you find the perfect set. When you visit our Acura dealership we’ll walk you through the tire buying process step by step, and show you how your tires can dramatically affect your performance.

What role do tires play in the performance of your car? Well, for starters, your tires act as a foundation for your vehicle, providing a source of traction control and weight support, as well as determining your drive experience. When purchasing a set of tires for your vehicle there are a range of factors to keep in mind.

For one, the speed rating is a great thing to keep in mind when purchasing tires for a performance vehicle. The speed rating of your tire can affect just how much friction-caused heat the tires can endure. Tires with a high-speed rating tend to handle the demanding drive style of performance vehicles, holding up around sharp turns and at high speeds.

Drivers who are hoping to tow or haul large loads of cargo, or drive particularly heavy vehicles, may want to keep the load index in mind. The load index is the amount of weight that your tires can endure, and tires with a high load index are essential for heavy lifting and particularly large vehicles.

The last thing to consider is what type of weather or terrain that you’re likely to encounter. For drivers of the Philadelphia area, having all-weather tires is important, as they provide greater traction and support during the winter and fall.

Regardless of what kind of tires fit your drive style, our team of tire experts in our Acura parts department is here to find the perfect fit. From great tires to our wide collection of vehicles, at Acura of Limerick, we strive to earn your complete satisfaction.