If you’re looking for a top of the line Acura for sale, and want help from a dealer that has your best interests at heart, Acura of Limerick is the place to be. We’ve earned a reputation in the Pottstown area for providing our customers with both luxury vehicles and next-level automotive knowledge.

One of the many topics we discuss with our customers is motor oil and how it can contribute to your engine’s performance. While gasoline may be essential to providing power to your vehicle, your motor oil levels are crucial to ensuring that you can utilize all of your provided power. Motor oil is a lubricant and it’s responsible for keeping all of the intricate components of your engine functioning smoothly.

Yet, like all car components, your motor oil won’t last forever. Our car care experts recommend that you swap out the motor oil in your engine once every 5,000 miles. If you disregard your regular oil changes you can run the risk of your motor oil becoming clogged with grime, reducing its effectiveness. This grime build-up can also strain your engine and dramatically reduce performance, even going so far as to hinder the fuel economy of your vehicle. If left untreated for an extended period you can cause your engine’s components to break down faster, and in extreme situations cause your engine to shut down completely. These maintenance issues can all be costly repairs, however, they’re easily prevented through regular motor oil changes.

When you visit Acura of Limerick, our car care professionals in our Acura service center can satisfy all of your maintenance needs, including regular oil changes. We’ll go above and beyond your expectations to ensure your car continues to operate at peak performance.