At Acura of Limerick, we believe that when you visit an Acura dealership, you should receive top-notch service from assistance for finding a new vehicle to expert maintenance and service. One of the main topics we discuss with our customers regarding car care is what you should do to protect your vehicle throughout the summer season.

Summer is a rough time of the year for your engine. Sure, winter comes with its share of burdens and obstacles, but no time of the year imposes as much strain and wear as the heat of summer. How can you combat the gradual wear caused by summer heat?

Well, for starters, we recommend preparing your engine’s cooling system for summer before the worst of the heat waves hit. Typically, engines already run quite hot, and the added rise of temperature can push things to some pretty dangerous levels. For this reason, we recommend having your cooling system inspected and serviced if necessary to ensure your powertrain can stay relatively cool all summer long.

Your tires should also be checked before summer reaches its full swing. While you should regularly inspect the well-being of your tires, the start of summer can be the perfect time to get a full evaluation, as the last thing you want is to be stranded on the side of the road with a flat in the summer heat.

Lastly, we urge our customers to have their air conditioning unit inspected and serviced to ensure everyone stays cool throughout the season. While engine performance is important, your comfort behind the wheel takes a close second place.

Looking for top-notch summer car care? Here at Acura of Limerick, our Acura service department is here to inspect your vehicle from trunk to hood to ensure that everything is ready to take on the worst heat the summer season can bring.