Acura vehicles are manufactured with only the most high-caliber auto parts. Their effortless style and long-lasting construction ensure their reliability and uniqueness on the road. Residents in and around Berlin, CT can look forward to a superior inventory of new and pre-owned Acura models that will get you to and from your destinations in style here at Acura of Limerick. With every model year, Acura ups the ante with unfiltered prowess, power, and technology packed into each new vehicle that is released, and 2019 is shaping up to be no different. We introduce to you the 2019 Acura RDX.

Acura’s incomparable luxury crossover SUV receives some updates for the model year that make the 2019 Acura RDX as technologically advanced as ever. The infotainment system featured has always been a hub of convenience and entertainment for the whole family, but with this new model, drivers see a touchpad in addition to the touchscreen that was there previously.

Dubbed the “True Touchpad Interface,” it utilizes absolute positioning technology, meaning wherever you touch on the touchpad will highlight the exact spot on the corresponding screen. This new touchpad interface was revealed during the New York Auto Show, where a spokesperson explained that the touchpad would be slightly concave to make it user friendly in the sense that it will be easier to find the center of the touchpad.

The screen in the infotainment system will have a main area and a second slightly smaller area, which will allow drivers to use two different aspects of the infotainment center at the same time, such as the navigation system and music.

The 2019 Acura RDX continues to impress the masses, and you can experience it today here at Acura of Limerick. Just stop by and talk to one of our Acura dealers about getting started with the car shopping process.