If you have an interest in leasing one of the vehicles in our Acura showroom, come on down as soon as today to get the process started! We make the entire experience easy from start to finish. And once your lease contract comes to an end, we’ll help you with next steps.

Before you return your leased car to Acura of Limerick, it will need to be inspected for excessive wear and tear. At the end of the inspection, you’ll be given a report that details the condition of your vehicle and the cost to repair any damages. You can either make the necessary repairs yourself or pay to have the dealership handle them when you return your vehicle.

You can prepare for this inspection by washing your automobile or getting it detailed by a professional. To avoid being charged, you must put all the original items that came with your car back in your automobile, including your spare tire, extra keys, floor mats, and owner’s manual.

There are three main routes you can take at the end of your lease. If you found the vehicle to be a perfect match for your specific needs, you have the option to purchase it at a predetermined price. If interested in a new model, you may lease one of our new Acura vehicles. And if you decide to go a different route, simply turn in your keys.

To learn more about returning your car at the end of a lease, contact our Acura dealership near King of Prussia, PA. To lease a premium vehicle you’ll love driving everywhere you want to go, visit Acura of Limerick today!