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When you’re shopping for an automobile, it’s likely that many people you know are more than happy to share some advice. While it’s great that your friends want to help out, you need to be mindful that some of the tips they share might be more mythical than factual. Even though no one would deliberately mislead you, some car buying myths have been circulated for so long it’s difficult to separate them from facts.

A few car buying myths are downright amusing. One we hear often is that you shouldn’t buy or lease a car that’s red on the outside because it will cause your auto insurance premium to go up. While an insurer considers various factors when it’s determining your premium, a car’s color isn’t one of them.

The notion that you’ll get a better price if you pay for a vehicle in cash is another myth that’s just not true. Regardless of whether you pay in cash or you finance or lease a vehicle from our Acura dealership, we’ll always work with you to ensure you’re getting an Acura car on the most favorable terms currently available.

A couple more include coming in on a rainy day or at the end of the month, and waiting to mention you have a trade-in until the last minute.

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